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About our company

Lawrence Mikos, known as Butch started this business when he was 24 in the alley between Fairview and Yard Ave back in 1978.  For the first 30 years Butch spent his days designing, manufacturing and installing: fire escapes, residential railings, commercial railings, gates, fences, security bars and doors, air conditioner cages, structural steel, handicap railings, and much more.  Any job a customer would bring in would always be completed, and in its highest quality.  


Within the past 10 years his son, Lawrence Mikos now follows in his foot steps, becoming the second master welder at Butch's Welding.  Together they make a hard working and dedicated team to make sure every customer is satisfied with their finished product. 


Butch's Welding is family owned and operated with its shop located in Trenton, NJ.  Butch's Welding offers free estimates and stands behind its work with a guarantee.


Butch's Welding's shop is stocked with the lastest metals, aluminum and materials making it fully functional to handle residential and commercial jobs.


There is no job that is to small or to big that the Butch's Welding team can't handle.

Call us now 609-394-9682 for a free estimate

Tell us about your project. Contact us today at 609-915-7651 for your free estimate.

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